About the Hendersons

Ethelle and Carrol

Since 1987, Carrol and Ethelle Henderson have led 44 successful birding trips to 14 countries. Their destinations have included countries from Belize to Chile, Kenya and 25 trips to Costa Rica. Carrol is a professional wildlife biologist recognized nationwide for the conservation of nongame wildlife and endangered species. Since 1990, he has received the National Chevron Conservation and Chuck Yaeger Conservation Awards, the Minnesota Award from the Minnesota Chapter of The Wildlife Society, and the Thomas Sadler Roberts Memorial Award from the Minnesota Ornithologist's Union.

Carrol did his graduate studies on Costa Rican wildlife in 1969 at the University of Costa Rica. His M. S. thesis was on the "Fish and Wildlife Resources of Costa Rica, with Notes on Human Influences." The thesis was used as a basis for improving game laws protecting wildlife in Costa Rica. He has helped with fundraising for acquisition of protected lands of the Rincon Rainforest in Guanacaste, and he was instrumental in helping with the creation of the Ballenas Marine National Park in southwestern Costa Rica.

Carrol Henderson met Ethelle Maria Gonzalez at the University of Costa Rica in March of 1969 and they were married in December of that year. Since they began leading birding trips, Ethelle's trip management skills, fluency in Spanish and knowledge of Latin American history and culture have added greatly to the depth and richness of the Henderson's birding trips. Her attention to detail and concern for every person to experience their trip to the fullest adds to the biological wealth of the birding itself.

Over 40 percent of the persons who have traveled with the Hendersons for a birding trip have returned for subsequent trips--and some people have traveled with them up to ten times. On a typical trip, about two-thirds of the participants have previously traveled with the Hendersons!

The Henderson's collective experience and enthusiasm add much to the uniqueness and cohesiveness of their birding trips. These trips are more than a chance to see and count birds. They are an opportunity to experience the natural beauty and diversity of wildlife in some of the best birding spots in the world with two most experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated and enthusiastic tour leaders you will hope to meet.